Currently smallest absolute rotary encoder for applications requiring SIL 3 safety


TR-Electronic introduces the SIL shaft encoder CD_582+FS

  • SIL 3/ SIL 2 – PROFIsafe rotary encoder in industrial standard size 58 mm
  • Redundant setup (Cat 4): two completely independent multiturn encoders in one.
  • Option: Incremental interface (HTL, TTL, sin/cos)
  • PROFINET encoder profile (V4.2): IRT, MRP, neighborhood recognition, TCI, reset switch, preset on the fly
  • PROFIsafe profile (V2.6.1): Extended Protocol, shared device, dynamic IO configuration

The trade fair novelty of TR-Electronic is rather inconspicuous when viewed from the outside: An absolute shaft encoder in 58 mm standard size. But this innovation has it all! This compact installation space holds a true absolute multi-turn double rotary encoder system with integrated safety evaluation that outputs error-protected data (“Safe Position” – SLP). Depending on user requirements, the rotary encoder is available in a version according to the highest safety level SIL3 or PLe or adapted to SIL2/PLd applications. This ultra-compact SIL shaft encoder fits into a wide variety of mounting situations: For solid shaft, keyway and key provide the form closure required for reliable connection between application and encoder. The same purpose fulfill partial keyways in blind and hollow shaft encoders with up to 15 mm diameter. CD_582 uses the standard modular system of “Generation 2” absolute shaft encoders from TR-Electronic. Almost any installation situation can be implemented with the standard flange variants. This version can be implemented with two all-magnetic scans if extreme or changing temperatures pose a risk of condensation, such as in wind turbines. The diverse optical / magnetic scans offer increased precision.

At first step, TR-Electronic achieves certification